Our Story

We call Essex Duck our happy place. A place free from the cares of the world—where zombies, politicians, rock stars, and others coexist in unassuming, unbiased harmony. A place most aptly described by one of our younger visitors as, "The best place ever."

It began with a single yellow rubber duck—purchased, on impulse, as a distraction from the cares of the world. I sat her on my desk and named her Penelope, after the wife of the hero Odysseus in Greek mythology. The story is told that Penelope—when an infant—was rescued by ducks after being thrown (by her father) into the sea.

Within hours of purchasing Penelope, my little distraction became a big obsession, and the idea for Essex Duck was hatched. With an abundance of help and support from my husband and our grown daughter, the store opened June 30, 2017. Penelope now sits surrounded by thousands of ducks from around the globe.

We hope you can join us in our happy place on your next visit to Essex, a quaint New England village on the Connecticut River and home to the historic Griswold Inn, the Essex Steam Train, the Connecticut River Museum, and Truffle Shots chocolatier* (winner of 30 International Chocolate Awards).

Until then, we hope you will enjoy perusing the website and acquainting yourself with some of the many diverse and colorful characters we've come to know at Essex Duck. If you find something you like on the website, we'll send it migrating your way as soon as possible.



* In the spirit of full disclosure, we are also the owners of the Truffle Shots chocolate store in Essex (another happy place). See more info at truffleshots.com